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The Roaring Mouse is a website for anyone who wants resources for publishing on the Internet, by video, or in print. Inspired by the book by Leonard Wibberley and the wonderful Peter Sellers film, The Mouse that Roared, we specialise in enabling the little guy to succeed.

To date we have helped to organise and run numerous teaching seminars on counselling issues by people like Dr Charles Kraft and Peter and Heather Toth of Anazao Ministries. Video tapes and DVDs of some of these seminars are available and will soon be featured on the website, along with books and CDs.

We also provide low cost website hosting and domain name registration for a number of community groups, churches and businesses.

Under development are tutorials and “how-to” guides for aspiring webmasters and publishers.

We are also planning a line of electronic construction kits for hobyists and radio amateurs.

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2 Responses to Welcome to The Roaring Mouse Blog

  1. Sadiq M. Alam says:

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Mal Dow says:

    Thanks for your greeting, Sadiq. And I pray that you will be blessed too.

    I read with interest the article on your blog about the birth of Jesus. Most of it I agree with, but when he was born is not of much importance. The Bible doesn’t give many clues, and the early church was not very intersted either.

    What was important to them, and to me, is that he was killed to pay the penalty for my sins and yours, and that he then rose again from the dead, as the first of many who would do so at the last day, and that he sent his Holy Spirit to live in those who believe and follow him as God’s Son and God himself. This is truly the good news that puts Christmas into perspective!